1. HE Promised

From the recording New Faith City

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Produced by Charles Howard.
Mixed and Recorded by Shawn Tomlin.


HOOK: He promised life after this, He promised when I'm incorrect to walk with Him step for step/ praise Him through worship cause He resurrects to bring us life after this/

VERSE1: I've been down so long, I'm still down now/ been wrong so wrong, trying to get it right now/ so I write this poem with a joyful sound/ how my King came and conquer, restored the ground/ if I'm worth dying for, He's worth living for/ if we knock He'll open the door/ come as we are, we are all stars/ but with the Sun out what are we shining for/ so I embrace in His grace and I learn to give praise/ thru my nights and my days till I see his face/


VERSE2: now I'm built Ford tough, just like my truck/ I'm so brand new, I can't get enough/ I was raised so poor, so he let the rain pour/ and it washed my soul, I ain't broke no more/ yes He hears me so I'm gonna keep speaking, this His song so I'm gonna keep singing/ I'm a keep teaching, I'm going to keep preaching and leave my testimony before I'm leaving/ this life on Earth, as I walk this turf/ I'm going to do his work, for its back to the dirt.